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Customer service in the Social Media

Your call is not important to us…? How should we react to customer service requests from the social media?

There was a time when all contacts to the customer service center were valued the same.  Now days not all contacts or calls are equal. If there is a public trace the contact is way more important and meaningful than a private call to the helpdesk. Contacts using Facebook or Google Plus or Twitter can be seen by the thousands or even by the millions. Not only the call for help is public but also the response and resolution should be visible. In the good old days if you made a customer happy he could complain to their family and wow not to buy anything from that company anymore. Today if you mess with the wrong people or the wrong type of problem you could face world wide humiliation.

Let me drop everything and work on your problem

What should we do in the face of customer contact…

Most companies have social media presence but it mostly seen as another marketing channel as in one way… rather than real interaction with customers. Companies have facebook pages and twitter accounts but still in many the responsibility for social media monitoring are in the hands of the marketing and sales department.

When stepping in to the real world of Social Media a company should understand that they will not only be contacted by happy customers who want to “Like” their products and services. There might be actual contact from a customer who would need help. This could be your moment to shine or burn…

If your company as an online presence and has a customer service desk and all the support process in place. Is your customer service desk part of the social media monitoring and response processes or do they have to relay on the fact that the marketing people will let the service desk know if their involvement is needed. On the other hand if your service desk people are allowed to run freely in the internet, do you have process in place to make sure that your customer service responses do not become your biggest problems.

I will adress this issue in the coming posts and try to create a small series related to this. Let me know if you have some ideas or specific issues that you would like me address?

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