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Multilingual WordPress equals triple the time.

Multilingual WordPress Sites

ComputerI love WordPress and all the plugins and 3rd party apps that that have been created for it.

Especially I love the fact that you can always find a theme that you can start using, no matter what your project is. Even if you are not a designer you can still make a decent looking site pretty nice price. Of course if you are willing to compromise. And if you are not you can find thousands of WP developers who can bring your vision to life with decent price.

The problem that I was having was that If you need to make a multilingual WordPress site then the work comes tricky.

Easy way around it is just create 2 sites. One for English and one for the other language, Finnish for example.

This is way more simple than to try to use one site for multiple language. Especially if you have multiple plugins and a custom theme that has not been designed for multi language usage.

But if you are building a eCommerce or webshop site. Then it comes more tricky since you have to maintain inventory and payment gateway expenses and other issues that are difficult or more complicated to run in to sites. So you are forced to use one site with multiple languages. You simply need to build a multilingual WordPress site. I am building one now and just wanted to share my experience on the project as I feel that I learned some issues the hard way. The problems started because I have been using WordPress for so long I felt that I could just do this project without looking at the manual. But again I was proven wrong. You should always read the manual… :)

10 Steps to building successful multi language eShop

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Set the site language as English even if you are not going to have English in on your site.
  3. Select a theme that supports eCommerce AND WPML out of the box. (Note currently I could only find one theme that supported both WooCommerce and WPML, HOWES theme)
  4. Select only plugins that support WPML
  5. Use WooCommerce for the eShop
  6. Install WPML
  7. Install WooCommerce Multilingual and other plugins needed
  8. Configure your site in ENGLISH and install everything and make the setting correct and look good in English.
  9. And second language using WPML
  10. Start selling!

My mistake was the step 2. I set the default language in my site to other than English. You can get around that but It is just much more work that could be avoided. Now spending some time finding all the plugins components that I need I feel that I will do one more clean install before adding anymore content and following my own advice.

Also if you are doing the website to someone else and not yourself. Good thing to note is that when adding a second language to one site you easily triple the time to make the configuration and installation. Hence the name of the post. Adding one language is not just doubling the time needed. Because you have to create the English site first. Then you have to configure that. You have to add the components needed to run the multiple languages. Then you will need to add the additional languages.

Please give any comments or feedback if you have tried to install multi language websites or eShops.

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